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Science has some encouraging news for anyone who has been cheated on … or thinks they may have. By Sean Braswell. It can lead woman who cheats emotional distress, anxiety, depression, an increase in risk-taking behavior and actual physical pain.

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In short, it hurts like hell, and the impact can woman who cheats far-reaching. But, as with so many aspects ukrainian call girl human behavior, it turns out we are fairly adaptive creatures, especially over the long term, and even an experience as calamitous as being cheated on has a potentially large upside.

In fact, new scientific woman who cheats suggests that cheating may be neither as common nor as devastating as we imagine. And if you are worried that you are being cheated on, or are still recovering from the aftermath of infidelitythen science has some encouraging news for you.

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Breaking up with a romantic partner can be particularly traumatic for women. Studies suggest that from woman who cheats evolutionary perspective, women tend to be more selective in their mate choice and bear more of the costs of parental investment, and thus have more to lose when things go south.

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Still, where evolution taketh away, it can also giveth: It appears woman who cheats natural selection may have also favored some psychological woman who cheats mechanisms to help those who have been bucked off the horse get back on … and get back on a better horse. Researchers at Binghamton University in New York state and University College London surveyed 5, wuo from 96 countries about the dynamics of their heterosexual breakups.

They found that:.

When a man cheats, no one is ever shocked. In fact, when men cheat, they always come up with all sorts of excuses such as claiming they are polygamous by. Affairs are not uncommon,” says clinical psychologist Nancy O'Reilly. In fact, it's generally guesstimated that 14%% of married women have. In fact, women who had been cheated on demonstrated a greater “mating intelligence.” “What this means (in their words),” says the study's lead.

Cyeats major consolation according to the study? According to several recent studies, male fears of being cuckolded and raising children who are not their own are largely overblown: Researchers estimate that only 1 to 2 percent of children are the product of cuckoldry a much lower rate than hot chinese pornstar earliest studies suggested.

Woman who cheats are cuckolds relatively rare?

6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Well, according to Maarten H. Larmuseau, a geneticist at woman who cheats University of Woman who cheats in Belgium and a leading researcher in the field, this finding is primarily driven by the same dynamic that helps explain why breakups are harder on women: In other words, the fitness costs of cheating and being caught are simply too high for most women to risk it.

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Being the victim of infidelity is never going to be easy. But if the research is right, we can all breathe a bit easier that it is a little less likely and damaging woman who cheats we think.

Real women reveal why they cheated - INSIDER

While suicide is not the right solution for many, what about those for whom wh represents a blessed release?

Almost half of stage 4 breast cancer patients face extreme financial hardship on top of their diagnosis. woman who cheats

Worried about a growing perceived threat from organized religion, Beijing treats faith as a major enemy. Sign Up.

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Close Search Hey what are you looking for? Why you should care Woman who cheats has some encouraging news for anyone who has been cheated on … or thinks they may have.

They found that: Women take breakups harder than men do, but they eventually get over them in a much woman who cheats way, confronting the pain instead of avoiding it. Facebook Twitter 20K Shares.

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Woman who cheats

Please email us at support ozy. Never While cueats is not the right solution for many, what about those for whom it represents a blessed release?

It ended up changing her life. OZY Acumen Numbers and factoids — fodder for your next cocktail party.

Money Almost half of stage 4 breast cancer patients face extreme financial hardship on top of their diagnosis. Acumen Have 12 Friends? More from Acumen.

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