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Why do relationships have to be so difficult I Am Wanting Sexual Encounters

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Why do relationships have to be so difficult

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I have often heard people say, "If you have to work hard at a relationship, then it's not bbe right relationship for you. Both of your parents were open to learning with each other when conflict arose.

Neither of them got angry or withdrew in conflict. Neither of them gave themselves up to avoid conflict. Both of your parents were loving and available with you, supporting you in being all you can be.

You felt valued by them and important latin brides. If this describes both you and your partner, then you likely have an easy relationship because this is what you learned in your households.

But most people did not have this experience.

You relatiobships have been brought up in a single-parent household so you didn't see a loving relationship role-modeled. Or, if you had two parents or caregivers, you may have seen them:.

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Turn to various addictions, such as food, alcohol, drugs, TV, work, spending, anger and so on, to avoid feeling and taking responsibility for their feelings. Not knowing how to lovingly resolve conflict due to being closed to learning with each. You might get immediately triggered into anger, withdrawal, compliance or resistance relationsjips conflict arises, creating a situation where conflict doesn't get resolved.

Romantic relationships are incredibly difficult, but that's what makes them so rewarding. Difficult relationships don't just happen - we make them so by failing to avoid fundamental things they are doing that have made that relationship difficult in the . Recognizing the degree of difficulty in this task is nothing new, but that still doesn' t answer the questions of why exactly it is so hard, and what.

Your relationship can be a valuable arena to learn to move from the second list to the first list -- if you and your partner are willing to do your inner work to heal. But if you have the expectation that your relationship should be easy, escort service newyork you might move on if it is hard, only to discover that the next one and the one after that, and so on, are also hard. One of my clients told me that his father gave him wonderful advice on the day yave his wedding.

Until then, they are a lot of work. If you have an easy relationship that has maintained passion, aliveness, connection, joy, fun and play, you are very fortunate. Some people have an easy relationship because they settle for far less than connection, passion and aliveness.

They avoid conflict and settle for peace and companionship, which is fine -- if this is what both people why do relationships have to be so difficult. But if you want a relationship that maintains deep emotional and physical qhy, a relationship where you rarely feel lonely with each other, a relationship that is always evolving and growing toward deeper intimacy, then you likely have to be willing to work at it by healing your own issues.

Instead of seeing this as a problem, why not see it as a wonderful journey toward wholeness and the deep sharing of love?

I Am Look For Man Why do relationships have to be so difficult

For more by Margaret Paul, Ph. For more on conscious relationships, click.

Why Relationships Are Often Difficult You might have been brought up in a single-parent household so you didn't see a loving relationship. Relationships are undeniably tough, and for most of us they present the most WHY are relationships so hard and even impossible for many of us to keep . I feel that without difficult situations we would never challenge ourselves to grow. Romantic relationships are incredibly difficult, but that's what makes them so rewarding.

Margaret Paul, Ph. To begin learning how to love and connect with yourself so that you can connect with others, take advantage of our free Inner Bonding eCoursereceive Free Helpand take our Week eCourse, "The Intimate Relationship Toolbox" -- the first two weeks are free!

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You were brought up with two parents who role-modeled taking percent personal responsibility for their own feelings -- neither of them turning to addictions to avoid their feelings. Your parents laughed and played with each other, obviously delighting in each.

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Or, if you had djfficult parents or caregivers, you may have seen them: Blame each other or you for their painful feelings -- not being there for themselves, abandoning themselves. Not being there for each other emotionally.

Not supporting each other's highest good. Not laughing, playing or showing much affection with each other or with you. Not being there to love and support you in your highest good.

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