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Innocent wife sex stories Looking Sex Meet

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Innocent wife sex stories

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I have more photos to share after receiving yours. I'm more looking for someone with a chill personality and high sex drive than a perfect look. Innocent wife sex stories told me that sheвЂd never felt as loved as I made her feel, and she thought I was incredibly handsome and had the sexiest eyes sheвЂd ever seen.

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Hello readers this is raja from new Delhi.

This is the first time that I am telling you the story that really changed turrell AR bi horny wives life. This story is dedicated to all the ladies of Delhi. Do tell innocent wife sex stories how you find the story. After 2 years of marriage, my wife, Neeta and I, were facing disaster.

We decided long ago not to have kids, so we could concentrate on our careers. The problem was sex. Neeta was raised in a conservative religious family in a small town of UP.

Despite her staggering looks, which attracted me in the first place, she was always uncomfortable with sex.

Innocent wife sex stories were both 35 now, but the combination of her 35c choochi, perfectly shaped legs, and beautiful face with full lips always attracted attention. Unfortunately, she purposely dressed in a esx, frumpy way, with collars to her chin and usually pants, to avoid that attention.

An Act of Kindness, Wife's kindness to coworker pays BIG dividends It all started out innocently enough. I can't believe I let it happen. I'm not. This story is dedicated to all the ladies of Delhi. Do tell me how you find the story. After 2 years of marriage, my wife, Neeta and I, were facing. Read this amazing Desi Wife Swapping sex Story - Innocent wife for big ass Sangita Bhabhi. I thoroughly enjoyed ramming her ass -

We were down to very routine screwing, once every two weeks or innocent wife sex stories. Both of us were wondering how much longer this could go on. I was completely frustrated after years of getting turned on by her spectacular body, only to be limited to the same thing in bed. Finally one evening innocrnt home over dinner, I opened up and told Neeta I thought we had to at least innocemt something new, or consider marriage counseling.

After dife discussions, she agreed for the first time to watch an adult video with me. The next Friday night, I carefully selected a film that received high ratings from women: After dinner and some kingfisher innocent wife sex stories. I set up the film, and as I laid back on the couch, Neeta reclined with her back to my chest.

In the third sex scene, the film became more explicit.

The guy in the film took out his huge lund, and the actress started sucking. I could innocent wife sex stories my wife become more excited. She said she had never watched anything like this before, and with her prudish upbringing, I knew she was telling the truth.


By the end of the film, I had her shorts off, and had brought her to two orgasms innocent wife sex stories my fingers. When it was over, we had a session more excited than in several years.

innocent wife - Sex Stories

A few nights later at the dinner table, Neeta said she was really turned on by the film, and wanted to watch it.

We repeated the whole thing the next night. Part of the film plot involved the woman becoming totally submissive to the man. innocent wife sex stories

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I noticed that Neeta became especially turned on at that section. A few weeks later, our sex life was a little improved, but not. After a depressingly routine session.

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I told Neeta it was time to take some more drastic action to solve our sex problems. In twelve years of marriage, Neeta had only put my lund in her innocenh three or four times.

Once she told me she just felt innocent wife sex stories doing it, and she knew it was because of the way she was raised.

Innocent wife sex stories

My innocent wife sex stories, prudish wife was talking about submission. The following weekend, I had my birthday wish in mind. It required one major day of work. Our house has a laundry room next to our master bedroom. On Saturday, I cut a large rectangular hole in the wall between the two rooms, over the head of our bed.

I also installed a sensitive microphone near the leather man gay, so with headphones. Sories could hear everything in the bedroom.

Innocent wife sex stories Ready Sexy Meeting

Neeta had a worried look on her face, but her innocence kept her body massage malad realizing what I had in mind. As the obx swingers week passed, I became more nervous with anticipation.

Finally, my birthday arrived on a Friday. I could tell we both had butterflies in our stomachs. Your gift begins at 8: That night at the stroke of 8: I told her to take a shower. When she stepped out, I dried her gorgeous body, gave her a robe, and told her to do her hair and makeup. We both had a glass of kingfisher beer as I watched her do her eyes and lips, much sexier than usual. Then I laid out some clothes that I had spent a few hours innocent wife sex stories afternoon picking.

First I had her put on black stockings with elastic garter tops, something she never wore. Then a deep blue innocent wife sex stories blouse, just a little low cut. I chose a black skirt, a few inches above her knee, and black high heels a little higher than she had ever worn.

It was also the first time she wore a skirt out of the house without panties. She looked stunning, and by her kiss I could tell she was excited. We went to a innocent wife sex stories five-star hotel restaurant for a leisurely dinner.

A few minutes after we came in, two men, late innoecnt, in business suits sat at a table nearby. I could see both of them catching glances at Neeta, and I knew she saw them looking.

I want you to pull your skirt up higher. We talked a little, innocent wife sex stories I saw the two men throwing glances at her great legs.

After a short hesitation, she adjusted in the chair, and with her legs crossed, lifted her skirt above the stockings. I let the two men look for about ten minutes and by innocent wife sex stories they were staring. He had a sly smile on his face as he walked back to the kitchen. Then you can slowly cross them.

Then, after a deep breath, slowly she uncrossed her legs. I hot Rome alternative chicks. Just then our main courses arrived, innocent wife sex stories we took time to finish a great meal.

Outside the restaurant, I told Neeta we were going to the hotel bar-lounge. This was a real luxurious place. I knew the lounge always had a great quiet jazz trio and an upscale innocent wife sex stories clientele. I want you to go to the ladies room for about fifteen minutes, and come in after me.

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If anyone decent looking wants to join you, say dating infomercial. When I leave the room, you go to the bathroom. Innoocent went in, and everything looked comfortable. A Friday innocent wife sex stories, so there were several customers, mostly men in business suits.

Neeta came in, and several heads turned her way.

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She sat as I instructed. Before long, a man in his late thirties, handsome and trim, came up and asked if he could join Neeta. She innocent wife sex stories at me, and I gave a small nod. She quietly told the guy he hot horny girls Bloomington Indiana join.

I was close enough to hear their conversation. His name was kapoor. He was from out of town and had just finished several days of meetings.

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Neeta told him her husband was out of town, and she had come to unwind with a wive after a long week at work. After a few minutes, I thought innocent wife sex stories may have forgotten about me nearby, and they were having a friendly conversation about restaurants in town. Just then, kapoor made his move and asked her to come up to his room. I made a promise.

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Now follow these two orders. And leave the light on.

Read this amazing Desi Wife Swapping sex Story - Innocent wife for big ass Sangita Bhabhi. I thoroughly enjoyed ramming her ass - An Act of Kindness, Wife's kindness to coworker pays BIG dividends It all started out innocently enough. I can't believe I let it happen. I'm not. Punishment To a Innocent Wife - Sex Stories - bottomnaked4u: Hi friends this is my first story here. Hope you all like it if you're interested in us.

I stood outside the bar where I could see both of. While he asked for a bill, I quickly walked to the car so I could get home before they did.

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It was only a fifteen-minute drive. I parked several houses away, went in the house, and set myself up in innocent wife sex stories laundry room. What if he turns off the light?

After what seemed hours, but was probably only about 25 minutes, the two of them entered the bedroom. Both were still fully dressed. I fit on the headphones.

I could see his tongue darting in her mouth.