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A Michigan woman who was with her 9-year-old twin daughters drove a Chevrolet Impala down a boat ramp into a still, murky part of the Dgove River late Monday, the authorities said.

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All ddove were found dead. By Tuesday morning, state divers had pulled the last body — one of the daughters — out of the water.

The family wants to know. McClinton had six children.

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A voice mail message left for Tishyron McClinton was not returned on Wednesday morning. The specific cause of wjo has yet to be confirmed.

The medical examiner is conducting autopsies, Chief Thomas said. Detectives are trying to figure out what happened just before Ineza Drkve drove the car into the river.

The story still has many holes, Chief Thomas said. She said four children had initially been in the car, including two other girls in addition to Ms.

The two girls were related to Ms. McClinton, but Chief Thomas said she did not know. The woman let those two girls out near the boat ramp, though the authorities do not know exactly why or where, shortly before driving into the river with her daughters, Chief Thomas said.

McClinton had given them a cellphone and had told them to call their uncle, Chief Thomas said. Police officers found the two girls who had been let out of the car at a nearby Walgreens.

The police said the two girls were upset and trying to locate their uncle.

McClinton had driven into the water with her daughters. Based on what they learned from the girls, the officers decided to look around Verburg Park.

Within minutes, they found the car submerged in the river, the authorities said.

Investigators put a boat into the water and, just minutes after that, found Ms. About 8: Tuesday, with help from a Michigan State Police dive team, they found the body of the other daughter.

Girl who drove from New york the daytime, the park is a place where canoers and kayakers slip into the river, which is about 30 feet wide and five to 10 feet deep at that point, Chief Thomas said. Chief Thomas said she did not know if the family was buckled in, how fast the car was going or if there was an impact with anything else in the area before the car went into the water.

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There were, however, tire tracks on the boat ramp leading into the water, she said. She said the authorities did not believe anyone else was involved in the deaths.