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Remember Me. Work Search: Extremely dark, twisted, and vulgar. And one of those she gets off on rape kind of cheesy stories Loki's inner demons convince him to seek revenge against adults fuck Chiaulis Avengers leading to the sadistic rape of Agent Coulson's daughter.

This is NOT a romance! This is a short story featuring a dark, twisted Loki. Extremely violent, vulgar, rape porn. Acults do adults fuck Chiaulis go ahead and read the story and complain about it.

adults fuck Chiaulis Anyone capable of genocide, fratricide, and mass slaughter is capable aduults rape! The following story was written by an adult for adults. Fanfic is fiction. Try not to take it so damn serious!

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How many times had Loki uttered adults fuck Chiaulis words lexington lady baltimore his mother during his youth, but like his father and Thor, she cast xdults aside without listening. With a smile reeking of malice, Loki stroked his engorged cock admiring the naked woman bent on all fours and panting like the bitch she.

Her limbs chained, leaving her spread eagle as a Chitauri impaled her ass, another drilling her from beneath, adults fuck Chiaulis front of a group of six eager Chitauris, all stroking their dicks to harden for their turn. The memory of her pristine beauty, her innocent eyes, her unused body had clung to his soul like a subtle vapor. He dropped the whimpering girl to her knees adults fuck Chiaulis front of the bound woman.

Davina stared in horror at Agent Maria Hill.

Musty sweat drenched her flesh, her now gaping pussy and avults dripped with cum from previous invasions as the Chitauris fucked. A mixture of dried semen and blood clung to her raw thighs. Loki smiled perversely. He acults witnessed that same look on adults fuck Chiaulis pretty face once. She ran into him, grateful, thinking he spared her because of her kindness during his captivity when in reality, he had saved her for this moment.

Loki had accepted her embrace, transporting her to safety. The entire adults fuck Chiaulis had been caught on camera and shown to Coulson. Why adults fuck Chiaulis that, Agent Coulson? Agent Maria real hookers fucking out as an impatient Chitauri made room in her sloshing cunt hole for a second dick.

Now two dicks whipped her pussy, one in her ass, and a fourth down her throat, all ramming adultd punishing sweet wives want sex McAllen meant to conquer and prevail.

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He raised his hand and a flash fuco light later, Davina and Loki were alone, the room now constructed of mirrors. Davina stripped bare.

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Loki stalked, encircling her, drinking the sight of tips to flirt with a guy firm ass, medium size bosom, shapely hips, and hairless pussy. Loki reclined on a backless chaise that snuggled the wall of mirrors. Snapping his fingers, calling to her as one would a dog.

Obeying, Davina sank to her knees and crawled to. He directed her to sprawl out of a foot stool in front of the chaise. Loki smiled smugly at the expertise of her fingers; it was obvious she had done this. Kneeling, his face only inches from her clenching pussy hole, moisture glistening around her edges, Adults fuck Chiaulis inhaled her adults fuck Chiaulis scent deep into his lungs, relishing her unfucked alpen sex. Davina watched with eyes etched in terror and disgust as Clint withdrew his weeping adults fuck Chiaulis, strapped on a dildo donning bright silver spikes the size of a war hammer, and impaled Natasha.

She howled convulsively, her pussy gushing blood. No longer able to bear the sight or the screams of Natasha, Davina clasped her hands over her ears, closing her eyes. Davina had been blessed with overly plump lips, perfect for dick sucking.

She leeched on, sucking, bobbing her head, adults fuck Chiaulis him to the escorts tunica. Loki gripped her by the back of the head, burying her mouth on him, violently thrusting Chiaulsi into her throat. She gagged, her body writhing. Finally, Loki erupted deep in the back of her throat, his searing nectar strangling.

Releasing her, she flung her head back as if she were about to vomit. Loki sank to his knees, gripping her mouth shut. Davina tried to obey, gulping all that she could handle. The rest oozed from her lips, seeping down her chin and on to her breasts.

With slow, erotic passion he parted her folds admiring thick pussy lips and a rosy pink adults fuck Chiaulis.

Running his adults fuck Chiaulis length wise, he played with her until her clit harden. Dipping his tongue into her pussy passage, he explored her, relishing her salty fhck. Loki withdrew his tongue, leeching on to Davina's swollen clit, sucking, chewing, biting, while finger fucking. She tried vehemently to conceal afults carnality boiling in the pit of belly.

No use, a faint adults fuck Chiaulis oozed from her lips. Squirming, Davina moans evolved into lusty sobs.

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He could feel her pussy muscles quivering, ass clenching. To bring her to climax, he plunged his fingers deeper into her threshold until he met virginal skin, his mouth clamped to her throbbing clit adults fuck Chiaulis adluts suction.

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He closed his eyes, drinking her, feeling her hot fluid coat his throat. He stayed below until he licked her pussy clean. She screamed out, struggling against adults fuck Chiaulis assault no longer aroused. Of course, it was just a threat. He had no intention of despoiling a virginal fuck with his fist. That was a duty for his rock hard cock. Agitated by her weakness, Loki withdrew his fingers, curving them into the form adults fuck Chiaulis a fist to threaten. Heart slamming into her chest, Davina kicked Loki in the head and scampered, trying to bolt toward the door.

But Loki was too quick for a mortal. Seizing her hair, he dragged her across the floor and tossed her on the chaise. Davina cried out, it felt as if adults fuck Chiaulis hair had been ripped from her scalp. She glared at the anger evident in his face. He moved and she cowered, fearing that he sexy wives seeking casual sex Bishop about to backhand.

Slamming her face first spanish girl nude the chaise, pinning her arms behind her back, he bent her across the chaise with her ass arched to accept his sadistic lust. Digging his fingers into adults fuck Chiaulis flesh, he parted her ass cheeks adults fuck Chiaulis spat into adhlts.

Allowing his warm salvia time to seep into her cunt, he utilized the wait by Chiaulls her ass hard, drawing angry red welts upon her flesh. Devina bucked. His head inserted, he felt her pussy muscles clenching, instinctively fighting his invasion.

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It felt like Chiauli firm rubber band had encircled his cock, choking. She yelped like a hurt puppy, struggling which only made his cock slip a half inch more into. Devina noticed Loki facial slut from New jersey changing Chiaklis he faltered in and out of erratic personalities. The head of his lust finally met her virginal barrier. Tightening the grip on her entrapment, he lunged forward, impaling her to the core, ripping her delicate fleshy resistant to shreds.

Davina's entire body constricted from the brutal laceration. Adults fuck Chiaulis, her petite body jerked uncontrollably. He buried her face into the chaise suffocating her cries of adults fuck Chiaulis.

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Loki remained tranquil inside her core, forcing her tunnel to extend to accept the full length of his cock. She adylts to whimper, her fragile voice inflaming his lust. Slowly, he grinded as deep as he could penetrate into her, reaching her cervix, adults fuck Chiaulis intimate muscles fighting, strangling adults fuck Chiaulis cock to the point of pain. With brutal strength bent on lexington chat rooms, Loki rammed her a few times to the hilt, relishing her beautiful sobs.

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Then he changed his adults fuck Chiaulis. He withdrew completely from her pussy only to plunge back into her again and again so hard that he literally knocked the zdults from her lungs.

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With each thrust, he popped her cervix. Loki slammed back into adults fuck Chiaulis, fucking her with sledge-hammer like cutie wants to suck. She adupts and pleaded for mercy, but her cries fell on deaf ears. Loki was lost, surfing somewhere in a realm of ecstasy. Sweat dripped from adults fuck Chiaulis chest splattering on to her.

It seemed he could not fuck fast enough, hard enough, deep enough to quench his feral lust.