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23 and attractive looking to txt hangout

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I've been using Google Hangouts a bunch. It's really pretty great.

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One on one or group text chat, audio, or video. Text is archived, maintains history, and is searchable. It works great on desktop and mobile devices and keeps them in sync.

It's free. Hard to beat. Anyway, on a whim I decided to replicate some of the look of the chat window on desktop. Turns out there is a bunch of interesting stuff that comes up! Radial gradients, pseudo elements and animations, flexbox, and. Everything we see here is related.

There will probably be others like it, so that calls for a class. The top is more of a "header" than a "heading" because it's not just text, it has other stuff going on up. Within the list item, stuff like images and paragraphs. In the header there are some icons. The solid-color bar now has essentially a radial gradient in the center of it that becomes more and less intense. At peak intensity, it's like:.

Creating that gradient isn't quite as easy as you might hope 1. You might think it's 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout most basic syntax of all, from one gray to another:. But if you really want fine-grained control over how large that gradient in the middle is, beautiful jamaican ladies want something like:.

That syntax is still prefixed at the time of this writing. With all prefixes it's like:. And even then it doesn't work in 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout That way we can animate the opacity to get the pulse effect. The absolute positioning will make it sit on top of anything inside natchitoches online header with default static positioning.

But we can fix. Which won't work in 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout but it's a lot better than it.

We already decided the conversation itself is an ordered list. Each person talking is a list item. We'll wrap the avatar as. The actual content of the time element can be whatever makes sense. But the datetime attribute is in a specific format.

See. We sexy it girl need a way to distinquish between our messages and other people's messages. A class will 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout An interesting design feature of this chat design is that the chat "bubble" is only as wide as the longest sentence it contains.

It's a nice feature as it makes very short messages less visually intense and gives rhythm to the conversation. There is a way we could get this working with floats, but it would require extra non-semantic wrappers.

Instead, let's make this a super-progressive demo and use flexbox for layout 2. This is going to make a couple 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout other things awesomely easy, which we will get to in a moment.

Flex items, by their nature, are just as wide as they need to be. They also exhibit no natural desire to fill their flex container.

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If they do, they do, if they don't, they tl. You can even have them wrap if you want, but we don't in this case. I'm sure you noticed the flip-flop design. Messages from others have the avatar on the left, messages by you have the avatar on the right.

Again, do-able with floats but kinda janky.

Flexbox makes this hot ladies seeking casual sex Copenhagen easy. In our markup, we put the avatar first, so that will be the default "other people". In list items with the class name "self" our own messages we'll switch the order of layout. But wait. It's not just the horizontal alignment that switches, it's the vertical alignment. Floats would never be able to help us.

Things would get 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout with some placeholder elements and absolutely positioning and who 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout. With flexbox This has been covered a million times, so I'll keep it brief. You can make triangles in CSS with zero-width zero-height elements and borders.

The borders on elements will meet each other at an angle. So if one is colored and the other is transparent, it will look like a shape. Here, we'll color the free mature dating and right borders, and leave the bottom and left borders transparent. This makes the type of triangle you see here:. The message bubbles have little box-shadows under.

Looking Sex Chat 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout

We didn't cover it, but you can see in the demo. In the "self" messages, the triangle meets the bubble where the shadow is most pronounced, so it looks weird if it's not.

We can apply the shadow to it to fix it. Impressive WebsWeb Directions. CSS-TricksDev.

It's a good time for flexbox right. IE 10 has a prefixed semi-old version, but IE 11 will be un-prefixed and new. Firefox has supported various versions forever but will be un-prefixed and new in 22 late June Safari has old version prefixed in 6 but going unprefixed tx new in 7.

Chrome has new verison prefixed but is unprefixing in 30?

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Android at least has old prefixed version. I love how 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout and more people are replicating the beautiful designs Google puts into the market. After all, Mozilla and Opera dropped it a while ago, while the single girls looking for boys WebKit syntax is buried. Love when you do. So insightful and educational.

Particularly this one, learnt a lot about gradients and flex: I had been using forced shrink-wrapping on parents with children before and then messing with z-indexes to force the layer to 23 and attractive looking to txt hangout. I probably will move over to this approach. There is a lot of great stuff throughout the rest, of course, but these were the things that hit home for me today. This pulsing header is lovely; very nice catch on.

About the last two chunks of code, you have a lot of repeated stuff. You might want to put all this stuff.

23 and attractive looking to txt hangout

23 and attractive looking to txt hangout out of curiosity: Or what Android device do you have? Or is this a specific view…? Are you in a voice chat or something? The dating look is the same, but the top bar and stuff is significantly different on my Nexus 4. Screenshot of empty chat: Hangouts on desktop? Like in Gmail? This is pretty cool! Maybe finally a replacement for Adium…?

So the lazy developer that I am I would use that instead: Is there a reason for the difference or hanbout a spelling mistake? The new syntax was introduced in order to differentiate pseudo classes like: Really nice article.

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Amazing how something so simple was the product of a lot of deliberation and creativity!