best selfie gadgets of 2017 reviewed

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Selfies are undeniably the trend of the decade, if not the century, you simply cannot spend a single day without making at least one or two selfies, you walk around and see people all over the place holding up their phones against their faces and trying to catch the best selfies out there. This is why, in, we provide you with the best selfie gadgets of 2017:

1. Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light – 5 best selfie gadgets 2017

best selfie gadgets



Take your best shots with the AUXIWA Selfie Ring Light, just clip it to your phone and take the best selfies out there, its light makes the selfie look perfect, just like a professional studio photography would be, it illuminates your face and gets rid of all the harsh light, in addition to making you able to easily take selfies and even videos in dark places, night selfies are the best after all.


  • Flawless selfies
  • Easy to use, just clip it to your phone
  • Multi usage

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2. MOCREO Bluetooth Selfie Stick with 360 Degree Led Fill Light

best selfie gadgets


Compatible with almost every operating system, the MOCREO selfie stick is small, light and comes in three different colors, an overall fancy Bluetooth selfie stick that you can use with both your front and rear camera. The MOCREO selfie is also very practical, has a button for its LED lights and a switch button.





  • Adjustable 360° fill light rotation
  • Compatibility with every phone
  • Front and rear camera use

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3.Foneso Extendable Monopod with Bluetooth Remote and Tripod Stand

best selfie gadgets


Another genius selfie stick, available with most operating systems, has multiple uses and is fairly practical. Furthermore, the FONESO selfie stick is extendable and equipped with a tripod that will help you take the most professional and stable pictures, there is no doubt in the FONSEO’s usefulness.



  • Lightweight
  • Pocket sized
  • Smart design


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4. Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder for Live Stream

best selfie gadgets


This cellphone holder is perfect for multiple uses, it has a selfie ring light to further enhance the quality of your selfies/videos and a long and flexible 360° mount, needless to say it can be used hands free and is very easy to install, it is the best fit for live shows, broadcasts and video chat.



  • Portable, easy installation
  • Available for the latest phones
  • Adjustable brightness
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5. Photo Booth Speech Bubbles Lips Mustaches Party Bamboo Sticks – 5 best selfie gadgets 2017

best selfie gadgets


Definitely the most funny and creative set of selfie props, suitable for both children and adults, high quality material and original ideas, you’ll be able to fill the speech bubbles with your own words and share your ideas with your friends, perfect for parties and outdoors activities, everyone loves this product!




  • Fun wiyth friends
  • Stylish and original
  • Fair price

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One of the most important selfie gadgets you need to have to take the best picture is a light ring

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